Load closes CR 25A

Auglaize County Engineer Doug Reinhart plans to close a portion of County Road 25A on Wednesday and Thursday in order for a piece of equipment to be delivered to a Wapakoneta business.

Reinhart told the Wapakoneta Daily News he would advise motorists to use Hardin Pike and Interstate 75 to avoid the road closure, which will occur south of Wapakoneta.

“G.A. Wintzer & Son is expecting a superload and it will be coming by rail up from Botkins,” Reinhart said. “We will be closing County Road 25A because we will have to bring in equipment to support a bridge so the rail car can cross. The bridge is about a mile south of the plant.”

The load is estimated at approximately 400,000 pounds.

Reinhart explained they could have delivered the piece of equipment from Wapakoneta, but it would have had to travel across a bridge with a much larger span. That bridge spans Pusheta Creek and would have required more equipment to support the bridge for the weight of the load.

He said anticipates closing the road to install the equipment, let the rail car pass and then to disassemble the equipment for supporting the railroad bridge.

He said he hopes to have the project completed in one day, but he wanted motorists to be aware that if weather interferes it could take at least two days.