Lewis: Give yourself to Jesus

“Truly this man was God’s son.”

These words were spoken to Jesus right after he took his last breath on the cross.

At the last installment of the Wapakoneta Area Ministerial Association Lenten Luncheons, the Rev. Ward Lewis, of the Church of the Nazarene, dug deeper into these words.

“I believe that is why you are all here because you believe he surely was the son of God,” Lewis said at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Wapakoneta on Friday afternoon.

When Jesus was on the cross, after he took his last breath, someone from the crowd said, “Truly this man was God’s son.”

Lewis asked, “What made them have a change of heart?”

“Remember, this man may have pulled His beard or spit on His face,” Lewis said, of things people did to Jesus while He hung on the cross. “Jesus prayed for these very people to forgive them of their sins.”

Jesus was very unique and divine.

The person in the crowd who said these words to Jesus saw compassion in Him.

This person had a change of heart and had become convinced of some new train of thought.

“There is something about being convinced of something,” Lewis said. “This man changed his views of Jesus.”

Lewis said that we all must break down our barriers that keep us from Jesus, and to give our lives to Jesus.

Lewis talked about a course in college that he studied, where the professor challenged the students to believe there was not a single error in the Bible.

The professor challenged the students to come up with some sort of argument against this, and Lewis said each time, the professor would shoot it down by demonstrating that the Bible is the truth.

“That day I recognized the truth,” Lewis said. “The Bible has never changed and is worthy of truth.”

Lewis said that he has given his life to Jesus completely.

“And I invite you to do that as well,” Lewis said. “Truly it is our only hope.”

“But I am so glad Jesus died for me because that’s how I became forgiven,” Lewis said. “It is the blood of Jesus that is my hope.”

The Rev. Mark Bauer, of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, helped with Friday’s lenten luncheon by reading the scripture and giving the blessing and Martha Baber provided music on the organ for the Good Friday worship.