Levy crucial to be passed

The Cridersville Village Council president says it is crucial that a renewal levy passes since local government funding from the state is being cut in 2012 for the village.
A 2-mill property tax levy appears on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. This renewal levy helps fund operating expenses paid from the village’s General Fund.
“The local government funding is being cut for the upcoming year,” Cridersville Village Council President Eric West said. “Passing of this levy is quite crucial. It is critical for the village that the levy is passed.”
The village’s funding from the government is expected be cut by $20,000 in 2012.
This levy, which was first passed in 1986, is a four-year renewal levy. In 1986, it was a 1.2-mill property tax levy, and in 1995 voters replaced the levy with a 2-mill property tax levy.
West said that the last time the levy was on the ballot, it passed by a slim margin — and he believes it was because of some confusion about the levy.
“This is just a renewal for what has been in place for years,” West said. “There will be no change in taxes if it is passed.”
The levy generates $38,890 per year, and West explained that if someone owns a $100,000 home, they will pay $61 per year and if they own a $200,000 home, they will pay $122 per year.
West said councilors are trying to do new projects to grow the village, including adding a new school and updating playgrounds for the village residents.
“The money is being spent wisely,” West said.
West said that if the levy does not pass, then the village will have to make reductions in the public services they offer to the residents.
West plans to discuss the importance of the levy during the Cridersville Community Election Forum from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 3 at Otterbein Cridersville Community Group Room.
The Lions Club is hosting the forum, where all levies on the ballot will be discussed along with the two mayoral candidates answering questions.