Lenten Service brings faithful together in prayer, fellowship

Jackie Hager, left, and Lee Barbara Winemiller share lunch after Wednesday's Wapakoneta Community Lenten Service. The service was hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church in Moulton and First English Lutheran Church in Wapakoneta. The service and luncheon were held at St. Joseph Catholic Church and Parish Life Center.  An estimated 100 people braved the sloppy weather conditions to participate in the service.
Deb Zwez

Modeling prayer was the focus of the meditation Wednesday during the Wapakoneta Community Lenten Service, and while the methods employed by members of Trinity Lutheran Church may have been foreign to those attending, seeing and participating in something new is rather the point.

Pastor Melodi Hager shared that she and many of her parishioners from the church in Moulton had dedicated themselves to prayer each week, and while they may not meet in person, they pray together over the telephone or online.

Hager and two members of her prayer team, Karen Dietz and Diane Logan, read and discussed John 11:29-37; 12 1-8, the passage that shares the story of Jesus learning Lazarus had died, and the scripture that describes Mary washing Jesus’ feet with perfume and drying them with her hair.

The story was shared...

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