Legislation passes -- but not without its share of drama

Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Council members adopted new legislation governing the construction of storm sewers, but not before three no votes were voiced and a little grumping was heard among the lawmakers.

The ordinance that changes the design standards for how storm sewers rout water away from an area had been tabled pending a review from Choice One, the city’s engineering consultants. Prior to the council meeting Monday, a newly revised version of the ordinance was shared with councilors.

Councilman Terry Campbell asked that any action to adopt the untabled legislation wait until the new revisions had been reviewed by Choice One. Mayor Tom Stinebaugh reported he had a conversation with Choice One’s Mitch Thobe earlier in the day, and the revised ordinance distributed to councilors prior to the meeting was the most up-to-date version of the legislation.

Stinebaugh said he went through the legislation point-by-point, and what was presented reflected Thobe’s recommendations. Campbell asked if...

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