King bee: Males go head to head during bee

From words like “cricket” to “muscular,” students at Waynesfield-Goshen Schools went head-to-head during the school’s annual spelling bee.
The last two standing, seventh-grader Jarrod Bly and eighth-grader Quintin Werner, went back and forth for a few dozens of rounds reciting the correct letters to spell words, until Bly was crowned champion.
Werner got stumped on the word “pristine,” and Bly had a chance to correct the spelling and spell another word to win, but he was unable to correct it, so the pair continued on.
Then the couple both struggled with the word “competently.”
After a few more rounds, Werner misspelled the word “chickabiddy,” and Bly spelled it correctly, plus the word “disappearance,” for the win.
When studying the provided list of words prior to the spelling bee, the two finalist admitted that they only just started studying this week.
“I was surprised,” Bly said of winning the title. “I didn’t think I would win. I only studied the last two days for it.”
Bly said he is more of a visual learner. He explained he looked at the words when studying and then he would picture the specific word in his head before he began spelling it during the competition on Thursday.
“I’m happy about the outcome,” Bly said.
First runner-up Werner had the same studying strategy.
“I only studied the last two days,” Werner said after the competition. “I’m a fast learner.”
Winning a top spot in the bee also came to a surprise to Werner, as he said his specialty in school is math.
“I had my mom say the words off of the list at random,” Werner said, “and I would see what I got wrong and right.”
Eighth-grader Nick Young took the place of second runner-up, and will compete in the Auglaize County spelling bee with Bly and Werner.
“You learn lot of new words through this,” Young said. “The difficult times (of the competition) is hearing words you never heard before.”
Young’s spelling tactics were quite simply — he just spent time going over the words on the list.
All three plan to use the same studying strategies while preparing for the county bee.
The trio will compete against other schools in the county for the title of county champion at the Auglaize County Educational Service Center on Jan. 30.