Keeping their winning streak alive

For some, obscure knowledge comes naturally. The random facts and figures in your head can be put to good use in trivia tournaments with friends, while sitting at home watching Jeopardy, or by getting involved with a school academic club or team.

Over the past eight years, Wapakoneta High School senior, Austin Klingler, has participated in his school academic team. Starting early, in fifth grade, Klingler considers himself to know a lot of general knowledge topics.

“I’m typically a general knowledge person,” Klingler said. “I personally just try to avoid math subjects. I’m not the strongest on it.”

Usually, the academic team at Wapakoneta High School participates in three or four competitions each year, according to coach and school biology teacher Adam Friemering.

“The last few years we’ve been in three or four, which are the TV44 Whiz Quiz, which is usually taped in late fall, airs during the winter,” Friemering said. “We do our Allen County ESC tournament, which is held at LCC, and that’s in late November or December.
We just signed up to be a part of Wright State Lake Campus scholastic tournament held in March, and usually in either March or May we compete in our Western Buckeye League tournament.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Feb. 12 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.