Keeping floors like new

Spring is officially here, and you know what that means. Spring cleaning.

It's time to get out your mop and bucket, vacuum, brooms, dusters and all of the rest of your floor-care cleaning supplies that have been hiding in the back of a coat closet collecting dust for who knows how long.

According to Tomas Herrera, sales associate at Lima Floor Covering Center, many floor brands have their own cleaning products to help ensure the correct, safest form of cleaning.

"All laminates have their own cleaners. Now most of the laminate and hardwood are also the same cleaners," Herrera said. "Generally they will clean, and basically what they are is a spray mist with a dry mop application, and that is how most hardwood surfaces and laminate surfaces are cleaned."

Herrera explained that many of these cleaning products are suggested to be used once or twice a week to keep floors looking new for as long as possible, however, he knows once or twice a week can be difficult for many people.

"Well most of those cleaners are usually maybe one to two times a week on general cleaning," Herrera said. "That's pretty much what it is, and if just depends on the traffic flow and things like that of the household."

For tips on spring cleaning, see the Saturday, March 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.