Justice makes second trip to Auglaize County

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French stopped by the Auglaize County Fair Monday as part of her second consecutive tour throughout all 88 Ohio counties.

Monday’s visit to Auglaize County marked her 77th stop on the tour that French said is all about educating herself about the entire state of Ohio so that she can become a better supreme court justice.

“The supreme court hears cases that represent the entire state, so I feel like it’s one of my responsibilities to get everywhere in the state that I can,” French said. “It’s all part of my education process and I think I’m a better justice today than I was a year and a half ago before I did all this traveling.”

French began her first statewide tour shortly after she was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court by Gov. John Kasich on Jan. 1, 2013. After completing her first tour, French decided to do the same in 2014.

Since Ohio Supreme Court justices decide what cases they choose to take in, French said it is important she know what issues are most important to residents throughout the entire state and not just in Columbus.

“If I just stay in Columbus and sit in my chambers and never leave the walls of the supreme court, then I’m not going to know very much about what’s important for the state of Ohio,” she said.

For example, French said coming to northwest Ohio makes her realize how important agriculture is to the people of this region, just as oil and gas exploration is to the people of eastern Ohio.

For the full story, see the Tuesday, July 29 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.