Judges, law enforcement oppose Issue 1

Attending Monday's press conference were St. Marys Police Chief Jacob Sutton, Waynesfield Police Chief Nathan Mother, Sheriff Al Solomon, New Knoxville Police Chief Chris McKinney, New Bremen Police Chief Michael Skinner and Calvin Schneider, Wapakoneta’s chief.
Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

In a show of unity Monday, local police chiefs appeared behind Auglaize County Prosecutor Ed Pierce as he gave a press conference announcing opposition to the only state issue that will appear on the November 6 ballot.

State Issue 1, the neighborhood safety, drug treatment and rehabilitation amendment, is controversial as it sets the penalty for those in possession of 20 grams of illegal substances as a misdemeanor. There would be no incarceration option available to judges until the third offense within 24 months.

“All of these representatives of law enforcement agencies believe as I do, that Issue 1 is dangerous and that a no vote should be cast by the citizens of Auglaize County and the state of Ohio.” Pierce said.

Attending were...

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