JRS land to be annexed

Two parcels of land located along Short Road should soon be part of the city of Wapakoneta, if a recommendation by the Wapakoneta City Planning Commission is approved.
The recommendation is being forwarded to Wapakoneta City Council for official approval. The land, owned by the city, would be part of the 471-acre Job Ready Sites manufacturing site south of Wapakoneta.
“Since the city owns these two parcels, our insurance agent told us it would be in our best interest to annex the land into the city to avoid any problems should something happen,” said Mayor Rodney Metz, who is a member of the commission.
Metz explained it would clear up liability issues.
A resident attending Monday’s Wapakoneta City Planning Commission meeting inquired about the rights to hunt the ground to be annexed.
Safety-Service Director Bill Rains said he understood the ground could be hunted since it is on the outer edge of the city’s corporation limits as long as the hunter has permission.
The resident also inquired about being able to walk the ground to keep deer from eating the corn. Rains said since it was city property that a resident had the right to leisurely walk the ground without a weapon, but the resident said Auglaize County Game Warden Matt Hoehn told him it was not allowed.
Rains said he would get a legal clarification from City Law Director Dennis Faller.
Commission members also voted to rezone the land as manufacturing 3, or M-3 from agriculture. An M-3 zoning classification does not allow any residences but it is permissible for agriculture, grain elevators, heavy industrial and manufacturing, light industrial and manufacturing, motor vehicle repair, motor vehicle, truck, trailer and farm implement sales an services, research and development facilities and trucking, caring, express or hauling terminal and transfer establishments.
Planning Commission members recommended Wapakoneta City Council members determine the best name for a new connector road between Commerce Drive and Short Road at the industrial park. Metz shared the proposed name of Progress Drive, while other commission members said since it lines up with Nuss Road that the new roadway continue with that name.
All members agreed the two roads should share the same name. No homes or businesses exist on the road so changing the name of the roadway would not effect any persons or business.
Wapakoneta Engineering Supervisor Mary Ruck said Fire Chief Kendall Krites wanted the same name on both roads to help better serve the area in the case of an emergency.
In the first order of business, long-time member Denny Kemper was elected to serve as chair of the commission and new member Russ Slonecker, the representative from the Wapakoneta City Zoning Board of Appeals, was elected as vice chair.
The other members are Jim Walls, Rains and Metz.