Jose takes the title of bee winner

A national spelling bee contestant took the crown once again at the Wapakoneta Middle School spelling bee.
Seventh-grader LeeAnn Jose competed against several students from the fifth, sixth and seventh grades on Wednesday afternoon at the Wapakoneta Middle School and again took home the first place title.
“It feels good, I guess,” LeeAnn Jose said after the competition in the auditorium. “Wait, no ‘I guess.’ It feels good.”
Jose did not win this without a fight, as sixth-grader Loren Hire met her word for word for several rounds.
Hire and Jose were the last two standing during the spelling bee, as they went back and forth spelling words, such as “linguistically,” “expressionism” and “hexameter.”
After many rounds of going neck and neck, the word “veterinarian” stopped Hire, and Jose then correctly spelled the words “austere” and “rhythmic” for the win.
Hire said she felt proud as she was handed her second place trophy.
“It feels good,” Hire said after the competition.
A studying technique that Hire said helped her was having her mother help her to practice the words.
“I would say study the words a lot,” the daughter of Tracey and Patrick Hire said, as advice to anyone preparing for a spelling bee. “When you get up there — be brave.”
Jose said she was nervous during the competition, as her and Hire were going back and forth in several rounds spelling words.
“I was nervous because Loren here was scaring me,” Jose said with a laugh to Hire.
The daughter of Priya and Dr. Mathew Jose said her family helped her to prepare for this contest.
“I studied a lot with my mom and brothers and also my dad,” Jose said.
Advice that she gives others preparing for this type of competition is to simply study the list that is provided.
“Just study the list and you will do well,” Jose said.
Julie Miars-Golden served as the spelling bee reader and Carrie Knoch, Michelle Boyer and Ray Payne served as the judges.
“I think that a certain amount of ‘kudos’ goes to our language arts teachers,” Payne said.
One student was selected from each language arts class to represent in the spelling bee.
Participants from the fifth-grade include Tyler Amstutz, Hannah Donaghey, Matt Green, Kara Groves, Brandon Harr, Cody Kantner, Sarah Klaus, Rebekah Lee, Reese Pack, Tyler Rogers, Cheyenne Schellenberg and Jacob Sturgill.
Participants from the sixth grade include Payton Amstutz, Ben Bailey, Dustin Haggard, GraceAnne Hawson, Loren Hire, Tanner Hurley, Shelby Kohler, Wyatt Moyler, Chris Reichenbach and Alexis Richard, and participants from the seventh grade include Samantha Atwood, Austin Birkemeier, Cameron Gibson, LeeAnn Jose, Morgan Law, Monica Metzger, Emma Walker, Eva Williams and Will Zofkie.
Jose and Hire will compete in the regional spelling bee. The time, date and place has yet be announced. Eighth-grade spelling bee winner Sarina Dangelo will also be competing with the pair in regionals.