JFK's death changed local lives

Fifty years ago, the death of U.S. President John Kennedy by an assassin’s bullet changed the nation he governed and the world.
The event also changed the lives of three Wapakoneta men, including one man who was looking to serve on the national stage but who altered his plans when the former Massachusetts senator was shot and killed.
Wapakoneta native Fred Zint said he has two connections to the late president. He met Kennedy, who was then a senator from Massachusetts, during a regional Jaycee meeting in Rockford, Ill. in 1958.
Kennedy was just getting ready to decide if he wanted to run for president.
“He was ingratiating. He was just a normal guy with a nice smile,” Zint said, sharing the former president at 6-foot tall seemed shorter than he thought he would be. “He came across very well. It was a real pleasure meeting him.”
For more information, see the Friday, Nov. 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.