Interims officially designated to fulfill terms

The two women appointed to interim terms as Auglaize County Clerk of Courts and Auglaize County Recorder were officially selected as appointees to finish remainders of each term Thursday by the Republican Central Committee.
Jean Meckstroh and Chris Lambert were unanimously selected to the positions by the executive committee of the Republican Central Committee after endorsements from both women who formerly held the positions.
Republican Executive Committee Chairman Wayne York said the appointments were relatively easy.
“I had been talking to different attorneys and they are the ones that work with these people,” York said. “They said they were easy to work with and that they did their jobs well. I took that as a vote of confidence.”
Meckstroth takes over after working in the clerk’s office under former Auglaize County Clerk of Courts Sue Ellen Kohler. She was hired in 1981 by then Auglaize County Clerk of Courts Wanda Kogge.
“I had never met her before when she applied for the position,” Kohler said. “Jean and I have been together for 30 years and have gone from pens and books to a fully computerized system. I am very happy to give her my endorsement.”
Meckstroth said opportunities offered to her while working in the clerks office helped get her ready to take over the position.
“Sue Ellen has given me many opportunities keeping up with information and education,” Meckstroth said. “We work well with attorneys in our office.
“It is an honor to be appointed as clerk,” she said after the appointments were made during a meeting at RJ’s Coffey Cup in Wapakoneta.
When making her recommendation for Chris Lambert as recorder, former Auglaize County Recorder Ann Billings also offered a glowing review.
“I’ve worked with Chris for over 29 years,” Billings said. “She is very dedicated and very committed to the office.”
Lambert said she’s had a lot of fun working in the office for almost 30 years.
“I am a little nervous but I am ready to take over,” she said. “The office is organized well and it runs smoothly, so there will not be a lot of changes.”
Both appointees plan to finish out terms expiring Jan. 1, 2013, and both expect to run for their positions in the general election in 2012.
“I do have petitions out and will be running,” Meckstroth said. “Twenty years ago, I never thought I’d have this opportunity. Now that I have it, it is an honor.”