Improvement set for fall

Assistant Managing Editor
A Coldwater company is performing more than $58,000 in improvements to two Auglaize County-owned buildings this fall.
More than $39,000 of that work is being done at the Auglaize County Law Enforcement Center with more than $18,700 for waterproofing and more than $20,000 for expansion joints.
Auglaize County Administrator Mike Hensley said the work was necessary after some shifting and weathering at the building built in the late 1990s. Included in the work is power washing the building on Dearbaugh Avenue.
“There’s no real damage but it was being noticed so we wanted to take care of it now,” Hensley said.
He said the split-face block on the building is to be sealed with water repellant as heating, cooling and expansion has allowed water to get in
through cracks over time. Plans also include repairing caulking to provide a better seal.
“It has about a 10- to 15-year lifespan before you have to look at redoing it,” Hensley said.
“It has to be done,” he said of the improvements. “We have the public and employees there and inmates housed there. It’s general maintenance.”
According to the resolution, pressure cleaning to remove environmental staining is to be done prior to the masonry being sealed with the water repellent.
Existing caulking and backer rods are to be removed and the joints thoroughly cleaned before new backer rods put in expansion joints and caulking put in place.
Wellman Brothers also are to install copper gutters on the Power House Building adjacent to the Auglaize County Courthouse in downtown Wapakoneta.
The gutters are to be installed on the north, west and south sides of the power building with expansion joints installed to allow for thermal expansion and contraction. All seams are to riveted and soldered.
According to the resolution, the existing steel roof is to be cut off approximately 12 inches above the gutter and reinstalled once the new copper gutter is installed. Some additional framing also is to be needed. Rotten fascia board on the east side of the power building is to be replaced.
Total project costs to install the copper gutters is $18,500.
Hensley said with the original work from 1893, although some work had been done through the years, more was needed.
He said next year, the top 10 feet of the Power House’s smokestack is to be taken apart, reassembled and put back on the building. Some of the building’s masonry also is expected to need fixed.
“It is important for the Power House Building, which sits next to the courthouse, which we spent $8.6 million to renovate, to maintain it’s historical integrity and for it to be safe, with no potential danger to anyone,” Hensley said.