Hunting for eggs

ST. JOHNS — Twenty lucky kids spent the afternoon picking up Easter eggs at St. Johns United Methodist Church.

With only 20 children showing up to scamper around the grounds to pick up 1,000 eggs, the numbers divided out for each children collecting many eggs,  looking for extra bags, baskets, or whatever else they could find to fit them all in when their initial container quickly filled.

Children screamed with delight as they romped through the church grounds with the constant response of, “Got one,” and “Found another.” being heard by helpers and organizers.

“We alternate every other year between the Uniopolis  and St. Johns Church,” Youth Director Jerry Dicus said.

Dicus said the egg hunt is held for all of the congregation’s youth every year and has been for at least 10 years that he knows of, and likely more.

Dicus said the egg hunt is just one of the activities the Methodist Church tries to put on for its youth each year. The event is sponsored by the church. The Uniopolis church has approximately 60 attendees and the St. Johns church has approximately 30 attendees.

Children counted their loot in the basement of the church and returned the eggs for the Easter bunny’s helpers to fill for next year.

The groups were divided into three groups, ages infant to 4, 5 to 7 and 8 to 11.