Hot rocks yours for the finding

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

Rock hunting season has officially opened and it’s not just for geologists. In fact, geologists are probably not interested in the cleverly painted rocks hidden in gardens, parks or just about anywhere.
Thanks in large part to Facebook, rock hunting has gotten a little more upbeat and mainstream. Now it’s a cool new activity the whole family, nay the whole community can enjoy. Mandy Eastman, who created the Wapakoneta Rocks Facebook page, hopes for that and a little more.
"My hope was bring a little more art and companionship to the community." Eastman said. "Something nice to do in town."
The object is to find rocks that have beed decorated with a painted picture or have an upbeat message on them. Once the rock is found take a picture of it and post it to the Wapakoneta Rocks Facebook page. After posting the pic then either replace the rock or re-hide it, unless for one reason or another the rock is a must-have. Then simply pocket the rock. Hunting down the rocks is not the only way to participate. Those who wish to can also go and get some rocks of their own and decorate them as they see fit. It can become a family craft time activity. Once the rocks are done the whole family can then go out together to hide the rocks. When hiding the rocks, it’s a good idea to...

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