Hot and cool power

Your house has probably taken a beating this winter, with all of the wind, snow, ice and cold.

To take care of any dirt build up on the exterior of your house it might be time to consider power or pressure washing to get your house squeaky clean for summer.

Power and pressure washers are virtually the same and achieve the same results when in use. The defining difference between the two is the temperature of water used. Power washers use a stream of hot water, while pressure washers typically use cold or normal temperature water.

According to Diane Homan, assistant manager at True Value Hardware in Wapakoneta, many people rent power and pressure washers during the spring season, but it varies how often people pressure or power wash their homes.

“If people have problems, you know where they’ve got a lot of mold, mildew, that type of thing, they’re probably going to do it, I guess, as frequently as they see problems with it,” Homan said. “Most of the time people do it just usually once a year, on average.”

Homan said all three of their locations, Minster, St. Henry and Wapakoneta, currently have pressure washers for rent, and there are a range of rental lengths.

“Our minimum is four hours or less, and then it goes by the day, which is 24 hours,” Homan said. “Then they can rent it for a week or a month, that’s how our prices break down.”

For the full story, see the Saturday, March 29 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.