High school junior has passion for football

A local high school student has a passion for playing football.

And one day he wants to take his passion to a whole new level and coach his favorite sport.

“Football is what I’m really passionate about,” Wapakoneta High School junior Nathaniel Bracy said. “Even when I’m done playing, I still want to be involved with it.”

Bracy hopes to play football in college, while working toward a degree in education.

“I would like to become a football coach,” Bracy said of future plans.

The defensive lineman said he has been playing the sport since he was 9, starting out playing in a midget football league.

He got his start by playing for the Wapak Cherokees, and now he plays for the Wapakoneta High School.

In the off-season, Bracy is involved in  weightlifting and attends football camps in the summertime.

“I just love the intensity,” Bracy said of the sport. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t love to hit.”

The son of Amy and Keith Bracy said he is not sure where he wants to attend college, yet, but would like to stay in Ohio, close to home, so his parents and family could easily attend his games to watch him play.

Football is big in Bracy’s family, as he and his family enjoy watching the Ohio State  Buckeyes on Saturdays, and he enjoys watching the New England Patriots on Sundays and occasionally on Mondays.

One thing that Bracy said he will miss the most when he moves away to college is the close-knit community.

“I will miss that everyone knows everyone,” Bracy said, “and I will miss friends.”

Not sure on if he will move back to Wapakoneta or not after college, Bracy said that he does like the small-town feel.

“I don’t think I could live in a big city,” Bracy said. “If I worked in a big city, I would have to live in a suburb outside of the city.”

Bracy said that his family moved to Wapakoneta when he was in elementary school, so although he was not raised here his whole life, he and his family consider Wapakoneta their hometown.

“I moved here when I was younger,” Bracy said, “but I still feel like this is my hometown.”