Health plan OK’d

Health Commissioner Charlotte Parsons brought four topics to the forefront of the Auglaize County Health Department Board of Health meeting Tuesday morning, all of which needed board action.

Primarily, the community health improvement plan needed to be accepted. After a number of meetings and discussions Parsons said she received the final plan on Monday.

“I think this is a valuable document,” Parsons said. “We do have some priorities; decreasing obesity, decreasing risky behaviors for youth and adults, mental health issues and increase participation in preventative health measures.”

The outcomes of the plan will be measured through metrics set within the plan itself. Parsons noted the plan committee tried to assure that programs are based on evidence and evaluations rather than just throwing information out to the public. There is a need to be able to measure what happens as a result of this health improvement plan.

“Those are our main focus areas,” she said. “The plan is designed as a three-year plan and we do have data justifying our reasons for choosing those focus areas. For one, there is a need in the county to address those areas.”

Evaluations for the health improvement plan will begin with bi-monthly meetings and the move toward quarterly meetings.

“It is a community plan, pretty broad based throughout the community,” Parsons said. “We’ll be following up with an internal strategic plan later on, which ill incorporate if and how that will affect our operations.”

The community health improvement plan motion was approved by the board.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, March 12 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.