Gymnastics, sports, job keeps student jumping

A Wapakoneta Middle School student has a busy schedule each day of the week, but she would not like it any other way.
Between sports, dance and her paper route, Wapakoneta Middle School sixth-grader Kayla Crawford has something to do every day, but she is not complaining.
“I live being active and staying busy,” Crawford said. “I always have something to do.”
Along with doing what most 12-year-olds do, Crawford takes on sports, extra-curriculars and a job.
The dancer has picked up tumbling and lyrical lessons at The Dance Centre, and in her first year back, after a short hiatus.
“I started in either first or second grade,” the daughter of Lori and John Crawford said, “and I stopped two years ago to take a break.”
The student wanted to get back into dance after one of her friends was teaching a few gymnastic moves.
“My friend has been in Gym Stars and was teaching me how to do gymnastic and I liked it,” Crawford said.
She decided she wanted to be in lyrical and tumbling, so she started back up again.
Crawford also noted that the skills she is learning now in class are helping her to prepare to tryout for the Wapakoneta Redskins seventh-grade cheerleading squad next summer.
Another sport that
Crawford will try out for in seventh-grade is the traveling softball team.
“If I don’t make softball for traveling then I will be in track,” Crawford said.
Currently, Crawford stays busy with her dance classes, youth group at her church, Harvest Baptist, her after-school paper route and she will soon be raising rabbits to show at the Auglaize County Fair.
“On Saturday, I’m free, so it’s my relaxed day,” Crawford said, of her day off from her activities.
Having a paper route has shown Crawford how to save money, and she plans to use her saved up money and tips to buy Christmas presents for her family and friends this holiday season.
The daughter of Lori and John Crawford is the youngest in her family. She has two older brothers, Johnny and Corey.
During the Christmas break, Crawford has a few small trips planned, including a visit to Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky and going to the Columbus Zoo to see the lights.
While in school, Crawford’s favorite subjects are science and social studies.
“I like science because I like hands on activities and experiments,” Crawford said, “and I like social studies because I like learning about how Ohio used to be and the history of everything.”
But Crawford’s favorite part of sixth-grade is the freedom.
“I like the fact that you are free,” Crawford said. “You don’t have to be in a single file line to go somewhere.”
In addition, many of her friends are in the same classes as her.
Crawford said she has learned a lot this year, including the Mesopotamian culture, timeline and government, and how it is different from the United States, and she also learned more basics in math, including dividing decimals and multiplying fractions and decimals.
With learning new things, it leads to Crawford having a lot more homework than she did last year.
“I’m in choir, so I don’t have intervention anymore,” Crawford said. “So I have to do it (homework) at home.”
While in college, Crawford wants to study to be a zoologist, along with playing a college sport.
“I like studying animals and science,” Crawford said. “I like zoo animals and I think it would be a fun thing to do.”
With this career path, Crawford said she would like stay in Wapakoneta, because she likes the small town atmosphere.
“I want to stay here,” Crawford said. “I like living in a smaller town.”
Another dream of Crawfords is to be a hair stylist.