Grants expected to help aid recycling

Assistant Managing Editor
Grants applied for by the Auglaize County Solid Waste District should assist with county recycling if they are awarded locally.
A community development grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) would be used to purchase needed equipment to help with county recycling efforts.
Auglaize County Solid Waste Coordinator Dave Reichelderfer said he is asking for $21,720 from the competitive grant, from which they receive some funding each year. He is required to match half of the grant, providing for a total of $32,580 to be applied to new recycling equipment in the county. Last year, with a $30,390 grant and $15,000 in matching funds, the Solid Waste District spent $45,000 expanding recycling drop off sites in St. Marys and Salem townships as well as adding equipment to improve a recycling sort line in Wapakoneta, which is under construction now.
“By expanding those drop offs we need some additional equipment to make our operation more efficient,” Reichelderfer said.
He said they also are planning to use the funds to expand another township’s recycling drop off site, although he isn’t sure which township that might be.
Other items Reichelderfer would like to fund through the grant include two rolloffs, one an open top and another for recycling, one trailer for cardboard collection, and another trailer to replace one the district got used from a city that was getting rid of it in 1995.
Signage needed for the newest expanded recycling drop off site also would be paid for by the grant.
ODNR funding decisions are not expected to be announced until May, with funding not made available until July. The Solid Waste District would have a year to use it.
Reichelderfer also is applying for an $8,800 tire amnesty grant through ODNR’s Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention.
The grant would be used for receiving and processing used tires for recycling between July 1 of this year and June 30, 2013.
“We had one in 2010 and this would be similar,” Reichelderfer said. “We would take tires on a special collection day, probably in October, at no charge.”
Reichelderfer said he won’t learn if they received the grant until May, which if they do would be the third such grant the county has received in recent years.
In 2010, the grant allowed for the collection of four semitrailer loads of tires to be recycled from the county. Tires collected came from all types of vehicles — farm machinery, semitrailers, light trucks and cars.
“It allows us to clean up a lot of tires in the county,” Reichelderfer said of the competitive grant. “It gives people a chance to get rid of tires they have around and healthwise prevents them from sitting around holding water and breeding mosquitos.”
The grant is funded through money raised by the state through fees charged for recycling when new tires are purchased. Part of that money goes to the Environmental Protection Agency and part is returned to the ODNR to fund grants for communities to collect tires.