GOP HQ opens

Local Republican Party members officially opened the Auglaize County Republican Headquarters Friday as the election looms only two months away.
The headquarters is located in the Grandview Plaza at the former location of Grandview Video.
Auglaize County Republican Central Committee Secretary Fran Engle said the headquarters will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. It will be open also on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and will close at various times depending on how busy it is. The headquarters will have literature, signs, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and other materials to help visitors get acquainted with Republican candidates on the ballot this fall.
Engle said the party’s main platform is simply to return to the U.S. Constitution.
“We want to return the country to Constitutional ways,” Engle said. “We would like to see reduced spending and reduced taxes. Our main thing right now his to bring jobs back to the United States and to Ohio.”
State Rep. Jim Buchy, R-Greenville, said it is a key election and voters need to educate themselves on candidates.
“In the grand scheme of things, I feel this may be the most important election the nation has ever had,” Buchy said. “We are at a major crossroads. We have the choice to stay free or to slip into bigger government control. We have the choice to be more responsible for ourselves or to ask the government to take care of us. That is why I am glad to be a candidate in Auglaize County. The people here have a ‘take care of my own’ attitude.”
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp, who was in attendance, said it is important to get information out to the people. He said it is especially important for the 2012 election with three seats open for the state’s highest court.
“The important thing is to get out information,” Cupp said. “Most people want a supreme court that doesn’t try to make law from the bench. Usually judges are at the end of the ballot and their is a considerable drop off. Up to a third of voters don’t even vote on the candidates for judge because they don’t know anything about who is running. It is important to get information out on the candidates.”
Soren Dorius, the Northwest Ohio Field Director for the Mitt Romney campaign was in attendance, as well as Tony Burkley of Paulding. Burkley is currently in his fourth term as a Paulding County commissioner and is facing Pete Schlegel for the 82nd Ohio House District seat.
“It comes down to jobs and the directions we want to go as a nation,” Burkley said. “We have made some pretty tough decisions in the last few years to try and reign in the budget deficit. I think it comes down to what direction the public wants to go. It is a decision if the people want bigger government or less government and the accountability that comes with it.”
Engle said the headquarters would be open at 7 p.m. the night of the election and television screens would be available as results come in from across the state and country. She said the headquarters would remain open until the day before the election.