Golf cart theft was second in two weeks

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

The Aug. 16 theft of eight golf carts from the Wapakoneta Country Club was the second time in under two weeks that golf carts had been stolen from the facility. On Aug. 8, it was reported that four golf carts were stolen during the night. According to Wapakoneta Country Club President Scott Hittepole, after the first four were stolen, they moved the carts to what they believed was a more secure area.
New information regarding the Aug. 16 theft was released Thursday afternoon.
According to Chief Deputy Mike Eberly, of the Auglaize County Sheriff's Office, the theft occurred between midnight and 7:30 a.m. on the morning of Aug.. 16. The tracks in the grass from the golf carts are leading investigators to believe the carts were either pushed or driven to state Route 501 where they were loaded onto a trailer. According to reports there was no entry to the main building or any of the outer buildings.
The golf carts were leased by the club from Century Equipment. According to the Century Equipment website, the firm is an Ohio company that rents equipment for a variety of ground care, vehicle solutions and outdoor needs. Century Equipment has four locations, in Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.
The eight golf carts are valued at around $36,000 according to Eberle . . .

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