Golden Fresh Farms reports water issue

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing Editor

Wapakoneta’s water may be fine for human consumption, but plants don’t like it.
That’s the message Wapakoneta City Council’s Utilities Committee received Tuesday from Louie Chibante, co-owner of Golden Fresh Farms.
In a conference call, Chibante said tests of the water provided by the city shows 200 parts per million of sodium.
Mayor Tom Stinebaugh, who was also at the meeting, told the group that 200 ppm “isn’t even on the EPA’s radar” for human consumption.
“It affects the quality of the product,” Chibante said, as the company considers its next crop and a 13-acre greenhouse expansion.
“You can see it on the plant,” Chibante continued. “We test everything weekly and the only thing we have come up with is too much sodium.”
Chibante added the company dug a well to get a new water supply.
“Too much iron,” Chibante said.
“That’s not a surprise,” Stinebaugh said, “since we use sodium to get rid of the iron.”
Chibante noted the GFF operation has a third option: it has a rainwater collection system and retention ponds. Still, they have their own issues...

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