GIS offers app

As the way people gather information changes with technology, so does the way information is offered to the public.
“We have seen the need for people to access the same kind of data through their smart device,” Auglaize County Geographic Information System (GIS) Director Joe Collin said.
In response, he developed a new online mapping application “app” to be used on those smart devices, from phones to tablets.
“We felt a need to create an application that would work on more than the basic computer with the emergence of mobile devices,” Collin said.
He anticipates the application enhancing the availability of information for someone that works outside the office.
The way to reach the application also has been streamlined.
“By simply typing in, this will detect whether you are using a mobile device or a standard desktop computer and direct you to the proper application,” Collin said. “Once you have reached the application, you are free to bookmark the application for future use.”
For more information, see the Wednesday, Nov. 13 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.