GIRLS SOCCER: With wind, Wildcats whip Wapak

A relentless wind and a relentless barrage of shots by the Bath Wildcats were too much for the Wapakoneta Redskins to overcome as Bath rolled to 5-1 win in a varsity girls soccer match Tuesday at Ryan Field.
A stout 15-mph wind out of the north favored the team attacking the south goal.
In the first half that was Wapak.
But the Redskins could not take advantage and were only able to take a 1-1 tie into halftime thanks to a late goal by Sara Warner.
“We didn’t generate enough offense when we had the wind,” Wapak coach Ross Kantner said. “And we knew from their shooters in the first half that in the second half, if we allowed them the opportunity, they were going to take advantage of it. And they did.”
The Wildcats got the wind in the second half and played most of those 45 minutes on their offensive end.
Bath blasted a staggering total of 26 shots on goal for the match, 15 of those in the second half.
“They were beating us to the 50-50 ball,” Kantner said. “They were just a little more aggressive going to the ball. The first touch, they were able to control.
“I think that was the biggest thing, that we weren’t able to sustain anything as far as getting to the ball and controlling it.”
Wapak goalkeeper Ashley Knippen held up well under the assault, recording 16 saves.
“Those goals were not necessarily her fault,” Kantner said. “Even the one where she got caught out of the net. We need to learn to come out from the defense and the midfielder and step on the ball before the shooters can get a shot off.”
The Redskins managed just five shots on goal for the match.
Bath’s Alyssa Manley had two goals and an assist.
Taylor Dackin gave the Wildcats the 1-0 lead in the first half. She finished with one goal.