Garman slated for rehab assignment in Arizona

Sports Editor

PHOENIX — Brian Garman said he is “penciled in” for a rehab assignment the weekend of Aug. 17-18, after making progress with his injured throwing shoulder in Arizona.

Garman was sent to the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training facility in Phoenix on July 17 to receive further treatment on his injured shoulder, diagnosed as a torn labrum. Garman has been on the disabled list since June 24. He is a relief pitcher in the Brewers’ minor league system, most recently with the Huntsville (Ala.) Stars.

“I sat down with the trainers (Tuesday) and mapped out everything for the rest of the month, so we can maximize the effectiveness of the training done here,” Garman said.

The rehab assignment that the plan included is with the Brewers’ rookie class team, AZL.

But, first, Garman will attempt a bullpen session this coming weekend, he said.

Garman began throwing sessions of 25 pitches each on July 29, starting at a distance of 60 feet and progressing to 120 feet on Tuesday.

In terms of treatment, Garman received a cortisone shot July 22 and was mixing in electronic stimulation, deep tissue massages and ice compression.

Garman described his feelings on the progress he has made in Arizona.
“I feel really good about it. My shoulder certainly feels better,” Garman said. “With anybody, just like any other cortisone shot, I don’t want it to be a false positive, to the point where I can do all this stuff but after the cortisone wears off I’m back to square one.

“I’ve been pretty clear about that when voicing my opinion, but they’ve assured me that’s not going to be an issue,” he said.

Garman explained how his rehab assignment will impact his future in the short-term, given that his previous club, the Stars, have less than four full weeks left in the regular season, including just over two weeks after the weekend of his rehab assignment.

“It’s a little bit uncertain. All of our affiliates’ rosters are full,” Garman said. “Otherwise, I’m going to have to sit here and wait it out. They’re not going to send me back to Huntsville because that’s where I was.”

Garman said he was told his best bet was to pitch his way out of Arizona.
“The head trainer said to me, ‘Make sure you pitch well and hope there’s a need for you somewhere else. You’ve got to pitch your way out of here and hope that Huntsville, Nashville or Florida has a need for a relief pitcher the last two weeks of the season,’ ” Garman said.

Should he return to Huntsville, Garman will join a former Cincinnati Reds player on the Stars’ roster, Micah Owings, who left Arizona on Tuesday headed for Huntsville.

Garman said he watched Owings on television with the Reds while he was at the University of Cincinnati.

“That’s kind of interesting,” Garman said. “It’s pretty cool, to see somebody you watched on TV in college and now you’re playing with him.”