Gardens take on new look

Volunteers and employees of The Gardens at Wapakoneta are seeking to make the retirement center more properly live up to its name through an ongoing landscaping project.

“It’s called The Gardens so we’re trying to make the landscape look more like that with more garden-type areas,” The Gardens at Wapakoneta housekeeper Carol Prater said.

Diane Schlosser said her brother-in-law, Jack Schlosser, started planting in April and has since completed the revitalized garden that sits in the backyard of the building. With the help of his brother, Fred Schlosser, and a couple employees like Prater, the group was able to plant the garden and perform several other landscaping duties.

Within the past month, the back and front yards of The Gardens have been mulched, weeds have been pulled out and bushes have been trimmed or removed. Prater said she, along with The Gardens Administrators Debbie McElroy and Diana Fritzmiller and temporary maintenance worker Bob Kohlrieser laid down three dump trucks full of mulch.

“It’s a lot more attractive out there now,” Prater said. “The residents can go back there now and see everything without a bunch of weeds and bushes in their way.”

For the full story, see the Monday, July 7 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.