Funding raises last-minute concerns

Managing Editor

To table or not to table. That became the question for city councilors when it became time to consider two ordinances regarding street work.

The first ordinance to come up for a third and final reading reached a snag when Third Ward Councilwoman Bonnie Wurst moved to table it.

The ordinance would authorize the safety-service director to set specifications, advertise for bids and execute a micro-surfacing program for various streets.

Wurst said City Auditor Wilbur Wells requested the ordinance be tabled due to concerns over funding the project. Council President Steve Henderson said he had received a similar request.

First Ward Councilman James Neumeier, citing an increase in tax revenue so far in 2016, did not see a need to table the measure. Safety-Service Director Chad Scott agreed.

“I see no reason to table the ordinance. He (Wells) says the money will be there, just not right now,” Scott said. “He has to sign the purchase orders, so the money will have to be there when he does.”

Council voted 4-2 against tabling the ordinance, with Wurst and Fourth Ward Councilman Chad Doll voting for tabling. A similar 4-2 vote resulted in adoption of the ordinance, with Wurst voting against adoption and Doll abstaining.

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