Fryburg fest for the family

FRYBURG — With light rain falling to the north and south of Fryburg, the inclement weather somehow missed the small unincorporated town, making the 121st annual Fryburg Homecoming Festival an overall success on Sunday.
While overcast skies kept attendance down slightly, the weather held off and approximately 3,000 people still turned out for fun, food and games.
While many stood in long lines to wait for the mock turtle soup that has made the festival popular to area residents, other attendees also enjoyed many other patrons enjoyed bingo, kid’s rides and games, other concessions, a beer tent and a raffle featuring a top prize of $1,000.
A children’s tractor pull excited both parents and children alike.
The festival kept with its annual tradition of affordable prices, keeping the event plenty affordable for families. A family of four could typically enjoy supper and plenty of activities in the $40 range or less.
“That is the whole goal of the festival,” Festival Committee member Connie Butcher said. “We want to keep it family-oriented. We want to be able to let families spend some fun time together and not spend a lot of money.”
All proceeds for the festival go toward the St. John Catholic Church in the small town, which Butcher felt may lend a hand in the good weather the festival historically has had.
“We had rain on both sides of us and it stayed dry here,” Butcher said. “It is not the first time. We have had rain only twice in the 121 years of the festival. It is a blessing.”
While a few bills remain to be paid from the festival, Butcher said it was also a success financially, raising about $40,000 for the church.
“The festival is how we raise the money to keep the church going,” Butcher said.