Fourth grader eyes presidency

A local fourth-grader at Wapakoneta Elementary may be the future president of the United States of America.

Gavin Sutton, 10, said he thinks he could be a good president one day.

“Everyone in my class says I should run for it, and I think I could do it,” he said.

Sutton will likely begin his political career when he makes the transition to middle school. He said he plans to run for representative of each grade, and as class president when he makes it to seventh grade.

Sutton, who declares himself as “the biggest history buff in fourth grade,” said that he is fascinated by American history.

“I just like studying the people from history that helped our nation become a better country,” he said.

In particular, Sutton enjoys reading about former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Although he enjoys learning about all aspects of history, one time period stands out the most to him.

“I like the 1800s to the 1900s because that’s the time when we were starting out as a country, and I think a lot of interesting things happened during that time.”

Sutton also enjoys learning about war. He even has a list of the top three wars that he finds most interesting — the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II. Right now in his social studies class, he and the other students are learning about the Civil War.

Even when he is not in the classroom, Sutton is expanding his knowledge of history by watching the Military Channel and the History Channel, as well as reading various history books.

Not surprisingly, his favorite book is called “When Baseball Went to War,” by Todd Anton and Bill Nowlin.

“It talks about baseball and how people from the major and minor leagues were drafted into World War II,” Sutton said.

This past summer, Sutton was able to gain a first-hand glimpse into our country’s past when he visited Washington D.C. with his family. There, he was able to tour the Capitol building, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and other exhibits.

If he doesn’t end up becoming president, Sutton said he’d also like to teach history or become a professional baseball player.

In the summer, he plays organized baseball at Veteran’s Park and is also on a traveling baseball team that competes in different towns around Wapakoneta.

Along with baseball, Sutton has also played flag football and is a member of the Wapakoneta Wahoos swim team.

When he is not playing sports or reading up on historical figures and events, Sutton enjoys playing Xbox and hanging out with his friend, Jace. Sutton said he and Jace like to play football in his basement and have “Nerf wars” with Nerf guns.

Sutton said that he gets almost all A’s in his classes and that he truly enjoys coming to school.

“I like that you get to see your friends and you get to learn about stuff you never knew before,” he said. “Sometimes it gets pretty fascinating.”