Fourth-grade student wants to play football

Football, football and more football.

That is what is on the mind of one Cridersville Elementary School fourth-grader.

He plays it in the fall and practices his skills on video games and watches old game replays on ESPN the rest of the year.

Ten-year-old Connor McDonald is a running back for the Cridersville Rams and says his favorite thing about playing football is hitting people.

This spring he also is playing soccer. It’s his second year of using the sport to help with his running and other skills used in playing football.

“Football is the main thing in my house,” the son of Tamara and John McDonald said.

Connor said it was his father’s interest in the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Green Bay Packers, which first sparked his love for the game.

“My dad has always liked them, since he was my age,” Connor said.

While Connor said his father doesn’t like to watch football games on TV as much as he does, his father has one favorite player he won’t miss play — “He likes watching me best.”

“My mom always asks how do I know all this,” Connor said. “It’s from watching it and playing it. In the off-season I will stay up until 2 a.m. when I can watching games from 1987.”

The younger brother of a sister, Julie, 22, who lives in Texas, said it is cool being the only child at home, but sometimes it gets boring.

When it does he might pass the time playing with his three dogs or cat, although not all of them like to play back.

Connor and his father play video games — usually football.

“I always beat him,” Connor said. “I get more practice.”

In the summer, in addition to preparing for football, Connor also swims in his back yard.

He is also waiting for steady warm temperatures for his father to get out the grill and whip up some of his secret recipe BBQ ribs, Connor’s favorite food.

“My favorite color is green because that is my football team color,” Connor said.

Connor’s number is 64, which was his older cousin’s number when he played for Bath.

“Those were the only actual football games I have ever been to,” Connor said.

At school his favorite subjects are math, which comes easy to him, and science, which is fun. He likes playing kickball at recess.

“Sports are awesome,” Connor said. “I am kind of excited about middle school, but it will be harder.”

He also is excited about is riding the bus.

The five years Connor has gone to Cridersville, he lived two streets away from the school and his mother took him to school and picked him up every day.

“My mom still will probably take me to school, but I want to ride the bus,” Connor said.

Even though living so close to school Connor never got to ride the bus, he said he likes being from Cridersville because it is such a small town and school.

He pointed out the football field where his team practices and said they play games against teams from other nearby communities on Harmon Field, in Wapakoneta.

“Sometimes there are 40 to 50 or 60 to 70 kids on the team, they are all from Cridersville,” said Connor who has played for four years. “Next year I am on varsity.”

“They don’t treat you like a baby,” he said. “They play you hard.”

When he grows up, Connor said he wants to play football, but first he wants to play for the Wapakoneta Redskins.