FOOTBALL: JV 'Skins thump Van Wert

No one-year wonders here.
After an impressive 7-3 season in 2010 that saw the Wapakoneta Redskins football team miss the playoffs by the narrowest of margins, football is buzzing again in Wapakoneta. As a result, the varsity squad has jumped out to an even stronger mark this year with an 8-0 start.
However, the junior varsity Redskins are showing that the arrival of varsity coach Doug Frye is not just a brief fling.
In relative obscurity, the junior varsity team is following up the varsity squad with some impressive wins of its own.
During Monday’s contest at Harmon Field, they rolled up 27 points in the blink of an eye in the first quarter and coasted to a 53-6 win over the visiting Van Wert Cougars.
The majority of the team’s other wins have been in likewise convincing fashion.
“We have had a few close games but mostly we have won them pretty handily,” Wapakoneta junior varsity coach Derek Dunlap said.
Dunlap said Frye has quickly restructured a program that had not had a whole lot of success as of late. He said the biggest change he has seen has been with attitudes.
“There is definitely a good vibe around here right now,” Dunlap said. “They were simply tired of losing and now they want to win. The biggest change has been in everyone’s attitude. A lot of kids are taking responsibility for their own actions and not blaming someone else.”
Dunlap said the numbers tell a lot of the story. Forty-five players are currently suiting up for the junior varsity games, typically close to double or more of some opponents.
“These kids are playing full go all the time,” Dunlap said. “This isn’t a passing thing. A program is emerging here.”
The junior varsity try to make the season a clean sweep as they host Shawnee in their final game Monday.