Finding the way

A new sign on West Auglaize Street directs visitors to the football field, the high school, city hall and the county fairgrounds.
The first of 38 new signs, which are to be installed throughout Wapakoneta, was unveiled by Wapakoneta Wayfinding Committee members
The sign, now on display on West Auglaize Street near the Blackhoof Street intersection, was uncovered in front of approximately 30 guests Thursday.
“It’s a proven fact that local destinations and popular places receive more attention and improved levels of business activity when wayfinding systems are infused to a community’s streetscapes and roadways,” said Michael White of Bird Dog Wayfinding Systems.
The project, which had an estimated project cost of approximately $150,000, will place the signs throughout the community and give easy to follow paths to various popular destination in the community such as the high school or the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.
The 38 48-inch tall signs are custom designed. Each sign face is painted with auto industry enamel and detailed with reflective lettering for easy day and night time visibility.
In phase one of the project, 15 signs will take visitors from Interstate 75 exit 111 west through the city to multiple destinations, including the Auglaize County Fairgrounds to the west and to Wapakoneta High School to the north. In phase 2, nine signs will guide visitors from U.S. 33 and West Auglaize Street east through the city to multiple destinations including the Armstrong Air and Space Museum and Veterans Memorial Park.
Four signs will take visitors from U.S. 33 at County Road 25A and Willipie Street and U.S. 33 at South Blackhoof Street to various destinations in phase 3.
Phase four will have six signs that take visitors from Lincoln Avenue south through the city to the museum and the fairgrounds.
In the final phase, four signs will lead visitors from Ohio 67 west through the city to various other destinations.