A father remembers

For many, Father’s Day might mean grilling out, throwing ball or just spending time with dad, but, for some sons and daughters, the day is spent honoring the memory of the person who never stopped providing or caring for their family. 

James “Jim” Brackney, 89, was a long-time Jackson Center local who now resides at Wapakoneta Manor. Jim remembers his father, Clement “CL” Brackney, as hard working and strict — but friendly. 

“I worked with my dad for 55 years,” Jim said. “He had a gasoline business he bought during the Depression. Of course, I was in the service and my brother was in the service, so when we came home we had a place to work.”

Jim said he never had a bad day working with his dad, describing him as “easy to work with.”

Jim said he never really celebrated Father’s Day, as he and his father were busy working.

“We didn’t take time off for that,” Jim said. “The only time we took time off was Christmas.”

However, Jim said he has fond memories spending time with his dad.

“I lived next door to him all my life,” Jim said. “When we were younger we played a lot of ball, he played ball with us. Softball and baseball. We worked more than anything else.”

For the full story, see the Saturday, June 14 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.