Fall prompts fun farm

An area family has been spending months preparing for festivities that may become a fall family tradition.

Julie and Matthew Gossard, and their children, Mercedez, 13, and Caesar, 11, soon will be welcoming the community to their home during the grand opening of Furry Tail Farm Saturday.

Furry Tail Farm is a family attraction, that has everything from pumpkins and hay rides to a corn maze to a jumping pillow.

“We have been to a couple similar places in the past, but there was nothing here in the local community,” Juile Gossard said. “There are a lot of haunts, but nothing for the whole family.”

Furry Tail Farm, which is located at 19407 State Route 117, in Waynesfield, is scheduled to be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays in the fall.

 This is the first year for the family business, but they have been working since last fall preparing for the big opening.

“We started last fall, by putting together ideas,” Julie Gossard said. “We did some research on what will work and what doesn’t.”

After the family came up the plan, they started working on the activities they will provide to the visiting children.

A corn maze was one of the ideas, which is now up and ready for the grand opening.

“The corn maze isn’t super elaborate,” Julie Gossard said. “It’s basic, and we wanted to focus on fun, and we didn’t want people to get lost.”

Other activities include a giant jumping pillow, which is similar to a trampoline, where kinds can jump up and down on.

A hay ride will be set up, along with a straw fort, including a rope swing for children to swing on and land in the straw. There also is a rock wall available for climbing.

All the activities are geared toward children, from walking age to 15.

Furry Tail Farm will also include small animals for viewing, and pumpkins for sale, along with concessions.

Mercedez and Caesar grew pumpkins for a 4-H project, so they are home-grown pumpkins that will be available for purchase.

Julie Gossard said that her husband, Matthew, grew up on a farm near Harrod, and wanted their children to have the same experience.

“We really enjoy fall,” Julie Gossard said. “We wanted to do this so families could get together and enjoy the weather.”

She noted that the whole purpose of this is for the families, and for the whole family to be able to have something to enjoy together.

“We are looking at it as a hobby, something to do with the kids,” Julie Gossard said.

She said her children were excited about the idea of hosting a family attraction at their home.

“They have had a lot of input,” Julie Gossard said. “Caesar has been working with his dad outside, and Mercedez has been helping me work on the Facebook page, and will be working concessions.”

The Gossards wanted to keep things basic this year and plan to add more in the following years.