Event sees high numbers

After a few years of dwindling attendance, the ninth annual Bowling the Health of It event at Astro Lanes in Wapakoneta had 60 kids sign- up to participate in this year’s event.

The event had only 16 children participate last year, so the higher numbers were welcomed by Wapakoneta Noon Optimists members, who hosted the annual event.

“Our focus was on the healthy aspects of the event,” said Noon Optimist President Connie Krites, who also chaired the event. “The goal is getting kids out and keeping them active. In the last few years, this was one of our larger turnouts, so we were happy to see that.”

The event started with 30-minute seminar on helping children learn bowling techniques from high school and junior high bowling varsity coach Jim Kaeck.

After giving the kids tips, one of the high school and junior high bowlers stayed in each lane and bowled with the children, all the while helping them out. The event was held for children in second, third, and fourth grades.

After bowling, the kids participated in several games, including jump roping, hula hooping, and passing the hoop as the children were divided into teams.

“Anything that helps keep the kids moving is good for their health,” Krites said. “Our motto is, ‘Bringing out

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the best in kids,’ and that is what we wanted to try and do here today.”

“The children were given goody bags at the end of the event, stuffed with items aimed at helping with a healthy lifestyle. Included were a jump rope, many healthy snacks, and announcements and sign ups for other healthy events in the future.”