Evac practice

Staff Writer
WAYNESFIELD — Students bussed by Waynesfield-Goshen Schools participated in bus evacuation drills on Wednesday and Thursday as part of a state requirement.
W-G Transportation Supervisor Deb Ulrey said the drills must be completed annually as required by the Ohio Department of Education’s School Transportation Division.
“The drills are required once a year and are the responsibility of the bus driver’s to complete,” Ulrey said. “You have to do a front entrance evacuation, a back door evacuation, and a combined.”
Students completed a front entrance evacuation on Wednesday and a back door evacuation on Thursday. They will complete the combined front and back evacuation during this next week, Ulrey said.
She explained the evacuations are important in making sure kids are ready to get off of a bus quickly if an emergency should arise.
“I think the drills are very important,” Ulrey said. “You get new kids that move into the district or students whoe have moved and maybe had not rode a bus to school before. Every year you have kindergartners. It is important that they have some idea what to do.”
Ulrey said older students are assigned to help younger students make the big leap from the back exit door of the bus to the ground. Special needs and handicapped students also pose a risk and must be familiar with evacuation procedures.
“Chances are minimal that you will have to evacuate a bus.” Ulrey said, “but you always have to be ready.”
Ulrey said situations where evacuating a bus may arise include smoke or fire, leaning over a side rail or a bus stalling over a train track.
Waynesfield buses approximately 250 of its more than 600 students on seven active school buses, or approximately 42 percent of their enrollment.
Ulrey said all bus drivers reported the drills went well with no problems.