EMA official: Emergency plan should be developed now

With a weather pattern conducive to creating tornadoes across the Plains states in the past few days and moving into the Midwest today, an Auglaize County official says the present is a good time to develop or to review household emergency plans for future inclement weather.

Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency Director Troy Anderson predicts the summer of 2013 to be similar to 2012 with more storms likely based on reports issued by national climatologists.

“We are looking at a near repeat of the 2012 season where it was dry and almost like a drought,” Anderson said. “I think in regard to severe weather activity we are going to see more warnings and warning notifications for tornadic because of the way weather patterns are setting themselves up according to the climatologists.

“Of course, our most active point right now is in the next couple of days,” he said.

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