Election Board policy rescinded

An Auglaize County Election Board policy amended in August has been rescinded.
Auglaize County Elections Board Director Carolyn Campbell said a judge challenged the statewide policy change which dealt with refiling stipulations and the state Supreme Court said it was “legally not correct.”
In August the state directed that the Elections Board need to change its policy regarding refilings once a petition had been received by the board. Updates to the policy at that time did not allow a petition to be returned to the candidate and any information on it changed once it was submitted to the Elections Board.
Previously, a candidate with insufficient signatures could “timely” withdraw his name, in writing, as a candidate, and circulate a new petition prior to the board disqualifying the person’s candidacy.
The newest changes again allow a candidate with insufficient signatures to “timely” withdraw and resubmit the petition as long as the petition’s filing is done prior to the Election Board members rejecting the petition.
An additional filing fee would be required, as would submitting the application before the filing deadline.
In other business during this week’s Elections Board meeting, a list of 224 pollworkers, rovers and helpers at nursing homes was reviewed and approved.
One hundred-sixty names from the list would be used as pollworkers in the county’s 40 precincts. Others would be used as needed as substitutes.
Rovers are to include Sue Baber, Ted Vorhees, Jack Preston, Paul Wiehe and Wayne Schultz. Those assisting voters at nursing homes are Barb Stiles and Eileen Schultz.
Trainings for presiding judges, new presiding judges and new pollworkers are being planned.
Campbell said the ballot for the Nov. 8 general election is to be finalized on Monday with draft ballots available for inspection now.