Elderly may be target of scam

A report from an elderly Wapakoneta woman has prompted police to warn other area residents of a possible scam.

Wapakoneta Police Clerk Denise Kohler said a woman living on East Pearl Street reported Sunday morning that a man claiming to have been her paper boy years ago came to her home. After presenting himself as a former paper boy, the man, who was described as being in his 40s, walked inside the house.

He first tried to sell the woman linoleum and then asked the woman if she would sell any of her furniture as he was looking to start a furniture store in Wapakoneta.

While inside the home, he also requested a glass of water from the woman.

Kohler said it is believed that he was distracting the woman while another man with him walked about the house on his own.

The men came to the woman’s door late Sunday morning and later in the day, she called back believing that she had been robbed.

She is still checking her residence to determine what was taken and the incident remains under investigation.

“We want to alert people to be on the look out for things like this and remind them not to open the door to strangers,” Kohler said. “There may be others out there who have experienced something similar to this but haven’t said anything.”

The man told the woman he would be back Wednesday to find out if she wanted to sell any of her furniture.

Upon further questioning, the woman said she did not recognize the man who claimed she had known him when he was younger and when she asked his name she couldn’t understand what he said.

The men were both casually dressed and driving a newer model white SUV, according to the police report.