Dog ward nears completion

The new Auglaize County Dog Ward is nearing completion.

Located behind the Auglaize County Sheriff’s building, which is on Dearbaugh Avenue, the dog ward is accessible through the entrance to the Fairgrounds.

Auglaize County Dog Warden, Russ Bailey, said he hopes to be moved in within three weeks.

“We’re getting really close, our hope is within a couple of weeks to be operating here,” he said.

Bailey said that in the previous, temporary location, only 12 dogs could be held at once, the new building doubles that, allowing 24 dogs to be kept comfortably until they are adopted out.

“The place that we were in a temporary facility, the only water we had was from an outdoor well pump, we had no hot water, we had no drainage system, even heat, we used a little electrical heater in there for the winter,” Bailey said. “This is long overdue, but we’ve been saving for it, and it’s definitely a necessity because of the number of dogs we take in.”

That number is between 350 and 400 dogs a year.

Bailey explained that this building will be beneficial to the dogs and the staff as well.

“First of all, they’ll be inside where we can take care of them and what we try to do, a lot of the dogs we get in we do not give back to the owners, no one ever calls to claim them, so this allows us to get the dogs cleaned up in here, we can take care of them a lot better, we can see if they need any medical attention and we can get them ready for adoption,” he said.

For the full story, see the Tuesday, Jan. 28 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.