Ditch work replacing century-old drainage tiles

In an effort to improve the drainage capabilities of farm fields and residential homes, three ditch projects have been approved by the Board of County Commissioners and are set to begin within the next two months.

Auglaize County Engineer Doug Reinhart said the projects will involve replacing 100-year-old subsurface tile buried underneath farm fields and residential basements located in several places throughout the county.

Farmers and property owners have spent nearly one year petitioning for reconstruction through the county commissioners office, the county engineer’s office and the Auglaize Soil and Water Conservation District.

The projects then went through a series of public viewings and hearings before the projects were approved.

On June 20, county commissioners approved three separate contracts with Gerding Ditching LLC for labor and materials for the Cummins, Gibson and Rapp Ditch Projects.

For the full story, see the Friday, June 27 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.