Director caught soliciting in company vehicle

The sudden resignation by the director of a county agency came the same day he faced criminal charges in Allen County.
Auglaize County American Red Cross Director Adam Suchland submitted a letter of resignation on Oct. 25, the same day he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Lima.
Allen County Red Cross Director David Collins confirmed Suchland submitted a letter of resignation from the position on Oct. 25 after he was questioned on the incident. Collins said the resignation was accepted immediately by the American Red Cross. The Allen County office oversees the Auglaize branch.
“The incident did not interrupt services offered in the area, nor did it affect the ability of the Red Cross to deliver on its mission to the community,” Collins said, reading a prepared statement.
He declined further comment.
The Lima Police Department released an officer’s report revealing
Suchland, 34, of New Bremen, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, a third-degree misdemeanor, Oct. 25, on South Main Street in Lima.
A plain clothes police officer was in the area looking for a residence for investigation of an unrelated case, when the officer noticed Suchland in an American Red Cross van consorting with a known prostitute.
The investigating officer followed Suchland and the prostitute to a boarded up house on 619 S. Central St., where they had pulled into a back drive.
The investigating officer walked up to the van and identified himself and showed his badge. According to the report, Suchland’s pants were down and the prostitute’s head came up into view as the officer approached and identified himself.
The prostitute alleged that Suchland had offered her $10 to perform oral sex and turned the money over to the officer as evidence.
The investigating officer called for a marked vehicle. An officer arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested Suchland on the charge.
According to the report, Suchland at first denied the soliciting charge and that he had not given the prostitute money. He said she had waved him down and that he had stopped to see if she needed a ride. Suchland stated the prostitute had started to “rub” him after he asked where she was going and that she asked for the $10.
Suchland claimed that he had never previously picked up a prostitute. The prostitute said she had been with Suchland on prior occasions, however.
The Red Cross was notified so they could get the van, and they retrieved the keys from the Lima Police Department and drove it back from the location of the arrest.
Lima Municipal Court records indicate Suchland pleaded no contest to the charges on Oct. 28 and was found guilty.
He was sentenced to 60-days in jail with all but 10 days suspended and a $250 fine.
Lima Municipal Court online records indicated that Suchland began serving his 10-day sentence at 6 p.m. Nov. 1.
He faced a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.