Dig teaches basics of Christian faith

Local interdenominational Christian organization Children Choosing Christ came up with a novel way to teach children the basics of the Christian faith with “Dinosaur Dig: Phenomenal Find” this week at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds.
The interdenominational campaign, which is supported by several area churches, has been at scheduled to be at 10 county fairs across the state, with the Auglaize Fair being the fourth.
“We have several churches from the Auglaize County working together ,” said Kathleen Needler, a spokeswoman for the event. “That is just how Jesus intended it, for the churches to work together.”
On Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, the churches held the event, which was attended by approximately 300 kids during the fair. Five different stations were set up for the children to attend, with them learning biblical principals based on bible verses along the way. A small prize awaited the kids at each station.
At one station, the sand pit site, children we’re taught a lesson from the book of Genesis, the creation of the heavens and the Earth, and how God created everything.
“We used dinosaurs as an attraction because they are just one of many of God’s amazing creations,” Needler said. “The fossils remind the kids of death. Everything dies because of sin. We want to teach them that Jesus is the only solution. We want to help communicate God’s love to these children.”
Six-year-old Riley Szelagowski appeared to have a great time at the event.
“I learned a lot about caring for God and how he made all the things like dinosaurs,” Szelagowski said as she proudly displayed her new Bible and toys. “And I got a raptor. Dinosaurs came from Jesus too, just like us.”
The children then were able to dig in a sand pile to uncover a toy dinosaur.
At station two, the fossil rub site, children were taught a lesson from two reading of a Letter to the Romans, which state all humans have sinned and that the wage of sin is death.
The rock site taught children a lesson from Corinthians about Jesus dying on the cross for people’s sins. The choice site again reflected on Romans, and about choosing eternal life through Jesus Christ. In the last station, children reflected on the second letter from Peter and to grow in God’s grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Most stations stayed busy beginning at the 1 p.m. start of the event.
Needler said the children had been very receptive to the program, with several kids coming back a second time for the lesson. All volunteers at the program wore a tee shirt that was very applicable for the event, with the verse from Job 40:17, “His tail swung like a cedar.”
Children also could get a free bible from the Gideons after the final station.