Darts are making a comeback

Staff Writer

Darts aren't just for the bar anymore, and Lori Rickett, the league coordinator at J & S Electronics in Moulton, is hoping to bring the game to those who aren't quite old enough to play while having a drink.

The coin-operated gaming business and pool and dart league organizers will be hosting a youth training session for kids interested in darts this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m., giving them perhaps their first opportunity to play the recreational and competitive game.

"We're going to bring them in and see what their interests are and if any of them can already shoot," Rickett said. "We're going to have some adults here to help show them what to do, safety rules, and teach them the game."

Rickett will have a diverse group of accomplished instructors on hand–men, women, lefties and righties–to teach the first session. The focus will be on the game '301,' in which players start with 301 points, and simply...

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