Dairy princess title was a dream for junior

NEW BREMEN — Earning the title of Auglaize County Dairy Princess was once a dream for one New Bremen High School student.

When Kimberly Brown was in first grade, she knew she wanted to hold this title. She has since achieved this goal being crowned the 2013 Auglaize County Dairy Princess at the Auglaize County Dairy Banquet held earlier this spring.

“Ever since I was little, I said, ‘I want to be that person,’ ” the high school junior said of becoming a Dairy Princess for her county.

Her father’s cousin’s daughter was the Auglaize County Dairy Princess when Brown was in first-grade, and this is when she knew she wanted to hold this title once day.

“I just knew I wanted to do it,” the daughter of Ruth and Alan Brown said.

Through this title, Brown hopes to introduce people to the agriculture and dairy business.

“I want to show people that I may not be involved in 4-H, but I am in FFA, and I want to help dairy as an industry and be a spokesperson for the dairy industry,” Brown said.

As Dairy Princess, Brown said she is looking forward to meeting new people and giving the dairy industry a positive outlook.

While Brown ran unopposed for the title this year, she is proud of reaching her goal she had ever since she was a young girl.

“I’ve accomplished something I’ve wanted to do,” Brown said. “I want to be a good spokesperson, so everyone gets exposed to the dairy industry.”

Brown is active in the New Bremen FFA, and she was recently inducted as the new president for the chapter.

“I’m really excited about it,” Brown said, of being the new president for FFA. “We have a new teacher coming in, so I’ll be helping them transition.”

New Bremen is currently in the process of hiring a new agriculture teacher, who will take over as FFA adviser next school year.

Brown grew on a farm that her father, Alan, and uncle, Lou, own, so she has been exposed to the dairy industry since she was little.

Job duties of Brown include milking, feeding calves and driving trucks to help move the bales of hay in the fields.

She often milks in the evening when they need her help and as her schedule allows.

Brown also keeps busy with playing basketball and being a part of the soil and dairy judging teams.

During her reign as Dairy Princess, she will ride in local parades, along with working with children to promote milk. She will be in attendance at the Auglaize County Fair to help out with the Dairy Show and work in the milk stand.

She will also work at the FFA Petting Zoo, where she will pass out pens, pencils and other items to the elementary school students at an event in May.

Brown, who has five younger siblings, Mitchell, Amanda, Austin, Rachel and Ashley, said her younger sisters look up to her — just like she looked up to the Dairy Princess when she was younger.

“I think my younger two sister want to be like me,” Brown said, as they want to earn the Dairy Princess title one day. “Ashley says ‘I want to wear the crown and I want to be the princess.’”