Crowning royalty: Patel wins title of Miss Summer Moon

A Wapakoneta High School student showed off her temporary tattoo-drawing skills, talked about the confidence needed to make the move to a small community and answered a question about parental influence.
Wapakoneta High School senior Janki Patel, 16, the daughter of Renuka and Prakash Patel, earned the honor of being Miss Summer Moon Festival Queen following the pagaent held Wednesday.
Patel said her her speech on confidence symbolized her journey during her first pagaent.
“I was really scared when we first got started,” Patel said. “I had never done anything like this, but the closer it got, the butterflies started to go away. Doing my speech on confidence helped because it helped boost my own confidence.”
She said she was totally surprised by being named the winner.
“I did not expect it,” Patel said.
In her performance, Patel drew a Henna tattoo.
Perhaps Patel’s platform speech on confidence was what distanced herself in the competition, as she seemed to exude plenty of it throughout the competition.
“Without confidence, we are undefined human beings,” Patel said during her speech. “You should be your number one believer.”
Patel spoke on moving between several school districts, and often not having the confidence to be herself.
She said it often resulted in “waiting for others to shape me” until she gathered more confidence when moving to Wapakoneta.
In her individual question during the evening gown wear competition, Patel was asked, “What are the best individual qualities a parent can teach their children, Patel delivered a crowd-pleasing answer.
“I think it is responsibility,” Patel said. “I think parents need to teach their children they need to be responsible for what they do.”
Patel said she plans to go to college after graduation and study to be a nurse.
Contestants were awarded 25 points for a personal interview and evening gown wear and individual question, 20 points for a creative performance and 30 points for a platform speech.
Heather Spees, the daughter of Lura Keatings and Cliff Spees, was the first runner-up. Ali McClintock, the daughter of Alan McClintock, was named second runner- up. Tiffany Puff, the daughter of Becky and Timothy Puff, was named third runner-up.
Aubrey Williams, the daughter of Kay and Dave Williams, was handed the award for “Most Photogenic.” McClintock was named “Miss Congeniality.” Patel received the “Most Spirited” award.
Other contestants included Tori Gagel, the daughter of Tammy and Mike Gagel, Ashley Shroyer, the daughter of Susan and Dennis Shroyer, Sarah Sawmiller, the daughter of Nicole and Jerry Sawmiller and Kaleen Sawmiller and Alicia Sawmiller, the daughter of Vickie and Richard Sawmiller.
Gagel spoke on world hunger during her platform speech and read a piece of poetry she had written for her performance.
Williams spoke on every day being a good day and having a positive attitude and sang for her performance. Puff spoke on the sin of abortion and performed a riveting flag routine during her performance.
Sarah Sawmiller spoke on the influence people have on a child and performed a dance routine. Alicia Sawmiller spoke on individuality and sang a song using sign language for her performance.
McClintock spoke on appreciating life and delivered one of the night’s best performances with a guitar-singing solo. Shroyer spoke on forgiveness and performed a clarinet solo. Spees did a sparkling rendition singing “Red High Heels” and spoke on being overwhelmed and doubting yourself.