Cridersville talks pay

CRIDERSVILLE — As a local village gets ready to fill an administrative position, its councilors have decided on at least a salary range.

The Cridersville village administrator position will soon be vacant, as Village Administrator John McDonald announced his retirement effective Dec. 31.

“We are hopeful to get it filled before John McDonald leaves,” Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said of the post.

During Monday’s Cridersville Village Council meeting, Finance Committee members brought forward a recommendation, which was to make the village administrator position salaried, and the salary range to be $45,000 to $75,000.

In addition, the Finance Committee, which consists of Chair Eric West, who was absent at Monday’s council meeting, and councilors Tony Zuppardo and Stacey Cook, decided to make a recommendation to convert the police chief’s position to be a salary position.

“We had quite a bit of discussion and came up with the recommendations for the police chief position to go from an hourly position to a salaried position,” Myers said, while reading West’s notes at Monday’s meeting.

The range for the Police Chief John Drake’s salary range would be the same as the village administrator position, which is $45,000 to $75,000.

The salary ordinance received its second reading on Monday, which included some points stressed by Zuppardo.

“I think $75,000 is too high,” Zuppardo said. “We stated previously we didn’t plan on spending that much. I think it’s false advertising if we advertise we will pay $75,000.”

Zuppardo said it would be silly to dangle this figure in front of people, if they are not going to get that amount.

Cook noted that this figure may be high, but it’s a range, and she is looking into the future.

“It’s looking into the future of these two positions,” Cook said. “If we give a range, are we really going to get up to $75,000? We have that range if someone comes in and has that experience.”

Cook said that these two positions are two administrative positions that will lead the village.

“I think these two administrative positions will be leading and taking the community forward,” Cook said.

The salary ordinances for the non-elected employees were read for the second time and passed. They must be read one more time at December’s council meeting before they are officially adopted.